Maya-Behind the myth

Country, year: South Korea, 2014
Genre: Documentary, Historical
Director: Chul LIM
Time: 2 х 50'
Format: 3D/2D/FULL HD
Release date: 03.04.2017
To most, the ancient Mayans conjure images of the world of the mysterious. This is because of the rampant imaginings of western scholars spurred by a lack of research, and a media that has promulgated such wild conjectures as fact. But like any other civilization, Mayan civilization is the product of man’s attempt to overcome the obstacles of his natural surroundings. In this documentary, we attempt to debunk the various myths and portray Mayan civilization through the facts that have come to light through archeological research. At the center of such research is the jungle, corn, the Mayan calendar and the descendants of the ancient Mayans who are living today.