The Great Myanmar

Country, year: South Korea, 2015
Genre: Historical, Documentary
Director: Jae-Eung JEONG
Time: 2 x 50'
Format: 3D/2D/FULL HD
The hidden pearl of Asia revealed for the first time ever, the largest archaeological site in the world! Myanmar, is still an unknown land to most of us. In decades of political turmoil, its rich traditions and history as the world’s largest Buddhist nations have been hidden to the rest of the world. It is the “land of pagodas”, home to about 5 million Buddhist pagodas nationwide, making it the world’s largest archaeological site and the pride of Asia. Marco Polo himself marveled at the beauty of Myanmar, referring to it as the land of gold. Bagan is one of the world’s three largest historical sites of Buddhism along with Angkor in Cambodia and Borobuduru in Indonesia of the 13th century Buddhist Renaissance. This program lays out the glories of ancient Myanmese culture and architecture and the 1,000 year-long Bagan dynasty for the first time in full HD 3D video.