Country, year: South Korea, 2020
Genre: Fantastic, Adventure
Director: , Sung Chang
Time: 52 x 13'
Target: 4 - 8
Format: CGI, FULL HD
Release date: 15.06.2023
Fantastic adventures bring a Princess from Emotion Kingdom into the real world.
Romi is a pretty normal girl at first glance, who is actually the princess of a magic kingdom, the Emotion Kingdom. She came to Earth to catch all the Teeniepings: cute but very mischievous creatures that all have a unique power attached to an emotion or a concept they represent. They like to wreak havoc in all Harmony Town, and try everything to not be caught. To catch them, Romi has to transform into a magical princess with the help of some Teeniepings. However, she must be really careful to keep her identity secret, as the people of Harmony Village do not believe in magic.