Panda and Rooster

Country, year: China, Portugal, 2020
Genre: Animation, Entertaining, Adventure, Knowledge
Director: , Zeng Weijing
Time: 52 x 12'
Target: 3 - 6
Format: CGI, FULL HD
Release date: 14.11.2022
New adventures of the favorite characters of different countries and peoples - the Chinese Panda Hehe and the Portuguese Rooster Luta.
Taking the Chinese cartoon character «Panda Hehe» and Portugal’s popular auspicious animal «Rooster» as the protagonists, it tells about the hospitable Panda Hehe transforming the tree house into a comfortable homestay, together with the rooster Luta from Portugal, The story of looking for the «most precious things» of Grandpa Luta, helping the little animals who are staying and staying to solve all kinds of problems, and enhancing the friendship between the two sides. The series brought together the animation department of the Chinese state-owned company and the Portuguese production company “Stopline”, created by Leonel Vieira.