Country, year: South Korea, 2017
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Education
Director: Igeol Kim
Time: 52 x 5'
Target: 3 - 6
Release date:
Занимательные детективные серии для детей-дошкольников. Каждый выпуск – увлекательное расследование, развивающее воображение и логику. Производство студии Ocon совместно с Национальным полицейским агентством Республики Корея. Южная Корея, 2017.
The Toy Cops (TiPi, Hammer, Toto and Scien), along with the police duo Podori and Posuni, protect Toy Town from the evil Hades. Unbeknownst to them, Hades is also one of Dory's old toys, who was forgotten by him and wants to win back his attention... When Hades and his minions wreak havoc on Toy Town, the Toy Cops will come to the rescue.eller in the toy world.