Snow Leopard: The White Recluse

Snow Leopard: The White Recluse

Country, year:
South Korea, 2013
Jung Ho Kang, Joon Ho Jung
2 x 50'
Release date:

Far-removed from the tropical jungle or sun-scorched plains in which we would usually expect to find a leopard, this two-part documentary takes

us from the very roof of the world - the peaks of the Himalayan and Altai mountain ranges - to the barren wasteland of the Gobi Desert in search

of that mysterious creature known as “The White Recluse”. Seldom seen even by the residents of these high mountain plateaus, no expense or effort was spared on the part of our production team, who, along with some state-of-the-art technology and the aid of local nomads and the residential team down at the Snow Leopard Research Center, walked boldly into the leopard’s lair. And while patiently waiting for the star of the show to appear, we take the time to become acquainted with the local wildlife and nomadic families who share this harsh terrain with the White Recluse itself. We also take a look at the direct way in which the predatory drives of the snow leopard affects the livelihoods of those who share its natural habitat.


1. Unraveling the Legend, 00:48:13
2. Co-existing with Humans, 00:47:17