Green Animal

Country, year: South Korea, 2016
Genre: Documentary
Director: Sohn Seung Woo
Time: 3 x 50'
Format: FULL HD, UHD 4K
«Green Animal» reveals that plants are also animals that contain desire and will. Plants suffer from a lack of nutrients while having the sexual reproduction urge to spread its DNA like animal. Plants have to react more sensitively to the surrounding environments because they cannot travel; they have to move more actively in order to survive. They exist in the different time in comparison to our time. Root hunts for moisture and nutrients, while stem functions as olfactory sense that tracks the smell of the host. To survive in infertile environments, it plants its seeds deep into the ground; and to effectively eject scents that can attract pollinators, it emits more than 35°C of heat. This is a documentary about the lives of plants from the perspective of animals.